Sa Pa lake

If you have the opportunity to Sa Pa, you will admire Sa Pa Lake

In the water, the swan boat surfing, the waves tucking the shore, creating a charming scene. Glittering blue lake with red roof tiles; Willow swinging by the wind ...

There are so many Sa Pa people, because not to tell you or Sa Pa Lake that they have not had "grace". It is said that: Over the past decade, Sa Pa people see the cool water flowing from the Hoang Lien mountain, which is very convenient for the lake. They have built artificial lake on the mountain to improve the natural landscape and attract tourists. So everyone is willing to contribute, contributing to build the lake as wide as desired. Then build the shore, dam, make the road around the brick as designed. When the dam body was holding the water with cement mortar, but the mortar was pouring down, preventing the "disappearing" into the cave deep, causing everyone to worry. The mouth of the deep cave hun like no bottom, mortar down how much also "swallowed".

The story of building the lake "suddenly", suddenly there is a guest through the hint: Lake built on the mountain there are many caves, sand-cat, want to succeed, then take the Red River alluvial soil. damming Only do that! Sounds reasonable, people do as the customer just told and assigned to carry large amounts of red river alluvial to the lake. Then, using 30 dozen buffaloes and sending three dozen Mong men to discharge sediment to seal the bottom holes and dam body.

The results are very good, alluvial sealing the bottom of the lake and the body of the dam, the lake water has been retained. Every grower willow, flower, set stone bench along the lake. Since then, Sa Pa lake has become a beautiful landscape, attracting crowds and tourists to enjoy the fresh air.