The Sun Group's Fansipan Sapa cable system, which was inaugurated in early 2016, has added two world records for Vietnam: the world's most modern 3-wire cable car and three-wire cable with a difference between 2 largest station (1410m).

Sa Pa Stone Church

The church has been restored and preserved as it is an indispensable image in the scene of the Sa Pa town. Currently, the old buildings in Sa Pa are not much. The architectural vestiges of the rest of France is the Sa Pa stone church.

Sa Pa lake

If you have the opportunity to Sa Pa, you will admire Sa Pa Lake. In the water, the swan boat surfing, the waves tucking the shore, creating a charming scene.
Glittering blue lake with red roof tiles...


Sa Pa market is located in the center of Sa Pa town, the market of the Black H'Mong and the Red Dao. Previously, the market only meeting on Saturday and Sunday but now is a tourist area, so the market often meet to meet the needs of visitors.